Arrahman Arraheem is a nonprofit organization since 1990s, dedicated to impacting the world and changing hearts through our actions.

Arrahman is a global non-profit organization based in Pakistan.

Our mission is to promote the true spirit of Islam, which means peace, as demonstrated by Khatam-un-Nabiyeen; last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by building bridges between communities and nations.

At Arrahman Arraheem, we do this by highlighting social issues such as poverty.

And find their solutions, imparting education in schools and colleges, with a focus on character-building, and eliminating extremism.

We aim to accentuate patriotism, to remove misconceptions about Pakistan and Islam worldwide and to encourage an awareness of Qur’anic guidance.
With our message, we envision a world filled with smiles and laughter, free of violence and sufferings.

At Arrahman Arraheem, we believe that our effort speaks louder than words, these actions will bring positive change in an individual ; and one day will give hope among the people across this world.