Babar R. Chaudhry founder of Arrahman Arraheem created a one of its kind cable TV channel around early 2000, to further the reach of his mission.

Programs are financed, scripted, hosted, directed and edited by our own students who volunteer their skills and services.

Besides general Islamic information and lectures on, salaat, character building and other subjects from Al Qur’an

Arrahman Arraheem  documentaries and programs also focus on patriotism and Pakistan.

Creating an awareness of the social issues we face as a nation and how our deen Islam can help us overcome these problems.

Today the channel runs on various cable networks, within Pakistan and internationally, as well as online, on a self-help basis, without the aid of advertisements or outside financing.

Babar R. Chaudhry has also compiled 2 books;  These books help Muslims to better understand what Allah expects of us as His believers.

The following newspaper excerpts and awards are a few of our achievements

News Cuttings_ArrahmanArraheem

The NATION newspaper clip of Mr. Babar R Chaudhry (founder of Arrahman Arraheem)


Certificate of Appreciation by Consulate General of Pakistan, Toronto (Click to view the Program)


 MarkhanFireDept_Arrahman Arraheem

Certificate of Recognition by Markham Fire & Emergency Services, Canada (Click to view the Program)

 YorkPolice_Arrahman Arraheem

Certificate of Recognition by York Regional Police, Canada (Click to view the Program)