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I have watched few lectures of Mr Mohammad Sheikh of IIPC. In these lectures, he was preaching his UN-ISLAMIC and BATIL (false) beliefs/concepts such as Denial of Ahadith, denial of SHAN-E-NAZOOL, Denial of Hazrat ISSA's ( A.S) return, etc. More so, according to him, women are not required to wear Hijab even in prayers. Contrary to unanimous and established Islamic trachings, he declares interest of the Bank as halal and maintains various shameful/Un-Islamic or batil and kufaria believes. His lectures are even available on U -tube. I am very confused. Some people say that you also have link with them. What do you think about Mohammad Sheikh of IIPC? (Abdul Hameed - Karachi)?
What does our religion Islam say regarding living with Non Muslim community?
I have noted that Mr. Ali Afzal Khan is not seen in your programs these days. What you have to say about this? (Mrs. Sameera Chaudhry - Islamabad)?

What Quran says about people spreading rumors and accusing each other?
Undoubtedly the 9/11 catastrophe has changed world politics and the image of Muslims all over the world. Terms like fanatics, fundamentalists and extremists are used for Muslims. My question is how can we as Muslims remove these misconceptions and improve the image of Islam. (Naeem Akhtar - London - United Kingdom) ?