Words of the Founder

Early Life of Babar R Chaudhry:

Growing up in a traditionally religious family, our founder Babar Razzaq Chaudhry followed Islam as his parents had taught him.

Reading Al Qur’an in Arabic and praying in the neighborhood mosque, following the norms as expected of all youngsters.

In the 1980’s Babar R Chaudhry made his way overseas, where he eventually came across a group of highly learned Christian missionaries.  Who had questions and curiosities about Islam.

With great confidence, he took them to the Imam of the local mosque. But the Imam was unable to help and showed his helplessness by stating that he had only memorized the Holy Qur’an in Arabic and did not understand its contents.

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“It was the awakening moment of my life. I thought to myself; how could I believe in Allah without understanding His own words” Babar R Chaudhry

That was the day Babar R. Chaudhry resolved to study Al Qur’an with understanding, to acquire the basic knowledge of Islam. So that Babar Chaudhry could at least answer the basic queries of the people with reference to the Holy Qur’an and Ahadith (the sayings of the Prophet Mohammad PBUH).

According to a hadith of the Holy Prophet SAW said: “The best amongst you is the one who learns Al Quran and teaches it.”

As Babar R Chaudhry gained understanding and knowledge, and implemented it within his life.

With this Chaudhry witnessed the positive changes it brought, within himself and amongst his family.

Babar R. Chaudhry felt the need to share with others what he had learnt about Islam so that more people could benefit from the blessings that Allah had bestowed upon him.

At that time people had obvious misconceptions about Islam, associating it with terrorism and extremism.

Seeing this need, Babar R Chaudhry established the Arrahman Arraheem Network in 1990.

The primary goal of Arrahman Arraheem was to share the knowledge so as to make a positive difference in the lives of people, all over the world regardless of belief, color, or race.


He began by conducting daily study sessions in his living room with a handful of family members and friends.

Which over time expanded to a large teaching class  catering to dozens of families. At present Arrahman Arraheem Network has centers in  major cities of Pakistan,  in USA and  in Canada and UK.

Today, people from all walks of life gather to attend the interactive Qur’an study sessions.

Where the solutions to the problems being faced by people in their daily lives and other questions are discussed with references to verses from the Holy Qur’an and Ahadith.

Emphasis is laid upon the practical application of Allah’s message in daily life, using the Holy Qur’an as a guide.

In order to bring peace within ourselves, our families, our homes and eventually in society as a whole, making this world a safer place to live in.

Arrahman Arraheem Network Channel:

Around early 2000, Babar R. Chaudhry created a one of its kind cable TV channel, to further the reach of his mission.

Programs are financed, scripted, hosted, directed and edited by our own students who volunteer their skills and services.

Besides general Islamic information and lectures on, salaat, character building and other subjects from Al Qur’an, our documentaries and programs also focus on patriotism and Pakistan.

Ccreating an awareness of the social issues we face as a nation and how our deen Islam can help us overcome these problems.

Today the channel runs on various cable networks, within Pakistan and internationally, as well as online, on a self-help basis, without the aid of advertisements or outside financing.


Babar R. Chaudhry has also compiled 2 books; O’ you who believe, a compilation of the 98 verses in Al Quran’ where Allah is addressing the Believers.

And Dua, a compilation of prayers or supplications from Al Qur’an.  These books help Muslims to better understand what Allah expects of us as His believers.


Arrahman Arraheem Network has received many honors for our efforts from all across the world.

Babar Chaudhry and key team members are highly sought after speakers and conference leaders in both, the local and international community.

Attending seminars and conferences, speaking on issues that highlight the rights of parents, women and the oppressed.

Also on the elimination of extremism, sectarianism, and terrorism and promoting tolerance towards people of different religions, beliefs and cultures, in the light of the teachings of the Holy Qur’an, Ahadith and Sunnah.