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An interview of Babar R Chaudhry taken by the Nations newspaper Pakistan, read here from source

KARACHI – Arrahman-Arraheem Network does not need any introduction as its website, within its very first year of launch was acclaimed as the most visited website.
Arrahman-Arraheem TV Channel is immensely popular within the masses.
Arrahman-Arraheem Network is one of a kind platform that is working globally for peace and presenting a soft image of Pakistan and also removing the misconceptions of extremism and terrorism.
It is making a lot of contribution for the development of Pakistan and highlighting all the issues that are there against unity, faith & discipline.

The Network aims not only to promote the true image of Islam but is also striving to revive the national spirit in each and every Pakistani; so that he can work within his domain or capacity for the betterment of Pakistan and for the removal of misconception against Islam.

Today we are very fortunate to have the founder of Arrahman-Arraheem Network Mr Babar R Chaudhry with us.
We shall talk to him about his network and seek his input about the efforts Arrahman-Arraheem network especially the help they are providing to eradicate the acts of national and international terrorism which are committed in the name of Islam.

Q1.Please tell us about your family background and how you were initially involved in propagation of Islam?

Ans: I was born in a Sunni family in Karachi.
My maternal family Qutb Shahi Awan is a well known family of Chakwal due to their religious background.

For more than 100 years we have produced eminent religious scholars and Hafiz-e-Quran.
In my childhood, the observance of the basic pillars of Islam like Namaz and Fasting in Ramadan were given special attention by my mother.
I can recall that she would not allow me to have breakfast until she was sure that I had offered the morning (Fajr) prayers.
I was in America in the 1990s when the first Gulf war started.
After this war many people in America embraced Islam and during the same time I met a few Christian scholars about whom I have talked in detail in my earlier interview.
This event had brought about a paradigm change in my life and I realized that every Muslim apart from basic knowledge about the 5 pillars of Islam must posses enough knowledge about Islam so that he can provide correct and authentic information to non-Muslims.

Q 2.Please tell our readers about the aims and objectives of Arrahman-Arraheem Network?

Ans: The primary aim of our network is to work for the benefit of our Deen and our country – Pakistan, we produce talk-shows and documentaries especially to strengthen Pakistan and for its progress.

The aim is to motivate love for our country amongst the masses and create a sense of responsibility so that they can participate in a positive manner towards the betterment of Pakistan.

Through our Network, we highlight the importance of good social values and character, human rights issues within our society and work in our capacity as an Ummati (follower) of Prophet Muhammad SAW towards achieving a prosperous Islamic society.
Moreover, we also answer the queries of newly converted Muslims about Islam and provide information about the basic principles of Islam i.e.Oneness of Allah, Prayers (Salaat), Fasting (Roza), Charity (Zakat) and Pilgrimage (Haj).

We also try to provide all necessary Quranic and Hadith information to newly converted Muslim to help them become better human beings.

In addition we also take necessary measures within our means through our network to eliminate misconceptions about Islam.
We also globally condemn extremism and terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. And we are ever ready to spread the true spirit of Islam which is peace and harmony.

We also act as a bridge between various religious communities as inter-faith dialogue is also a part of our aims; so that the true spirit of Islam which peace, harmony and universal brotherhood can be propagated to humanity so that various misconceptions about Islam which are prevalent in the international atmosphere can be removed and the true message of Islam be spread out to each and every individual.

Q 3.How do you compare Arrahman Arraheem network with other media channels in our society?

One thing I would like to make clear is that Arrahman-Arraheem network is one of a kind channel due its non-commercial nature and works on a self help basis.
As you already know the basic purpose of our programmes is to promote the rights of an individual, build character, inspire the national spirit and a sense of responsibility.
There is a long list of our programmes and I would like to mention a few of them.

We did a programme at Edhi homes on Parental rights; and as a result of this programme many families have been reunited; another one was to save the younger generation from drug abuse.

We have produced innumerable programmes on the virtues of unity amongst Muslims, the menace of sectarianism amongst the Muslim Ummah, womens rights and the importance of their education, health and environmental pollution and traffic perils.
Some of our other salient programmes were made on the life of special children, inmates of Karachi Jail, dialogues with judges at the judicial academy and a documentary on the disaster relief operations in the aftermath of the Kashmir earthquake of October 2005.
Apart from this we participate in the APNA convention, the ISNA convention, the Pakistan day parade in New York and Toronto on regular basis.
We have also propagated the Islamic message of peace and harmony in the presence of international delegates in conference at the United Nations.
You can get detailed information about our programmes on our channel or by visiting

Q 4.As a founder of Arrahman Arraheem Network, have you ever experienced obstacles and difficulties while working on such a noble cause?

Ans: It can be witnessed by studying history that all the Prophets & Messengers (PBUH) experienced difficulties and obstacles in their lifetime while performing their noble task.
Similarly 1400 years ago when Khatim un Nabiyeen (SAW) came to spread the message of peace and unity and led the humanity out of darkness into the light; human beings did not even spare him.
They even tortured the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) Rahmat al Alameen and made him bleed at Taif.
They tried to stop him (SAW) by sowing seeds of hatred against him, garbage was thrown upon him and the people of those times tried to accuse him and his family of participating in immoral acts.
But Prophet Muhammad (SAW) faced all these problems with patience, dedication and commitment.
Similarly, even in the times of Sahaba Karam (RA) they also suffered many difficulties when promoting Islam and practicing acts of nobleness in the society.
From all this we have learnt that since time immemorial obstructions and obstacles in various forms, including false rumours have been placed in the path of good deeds and piety; and every noble man has to pass through this test in the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).
The reason may be because sometimes truthfulness comes in between the aims and objectives of certain people – because they are jealous of those who work for prosperity of the society.
As far as we are concerned, we are working for this cause as a common Ummati of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) but even then we have to face the difficult times and unnecessary, false accusations.
But it is our endeavour that we should remain attached with the Sunnah of Prophet (SAW) and remain dedicated, committed and persistent in our cause.

Q5.Have there been efforts to spread rumours and misconceptions about your work?

Ans: Yes, every society consists of good and bad people.
There has been and was an effort to spread misconceptions and misunderstanding about myself and my work; at times people tried to spread false rumours about me.
But all praise to Allah, I have been working selflessly with full devotion for the last 18 years which is in front of everybody like an open book.
Our nation knows this and they have a very vivid picture about our work – they love us and pray for us and do not pay heed to such rumours.
This is also because we make our programmes giving the utmost consideration to our Deen and our country.
We constantly remain in touch with the masses and especially with prominent religious personalities and take their guidance and blessings.

Q 6.In your opinion, what is the purpose of spreading false accusations and rumours?

Ans: These acts cause a lot of harm to any nation.
But very briefly I would say that misconceptions; misunderstandings and false rumours are levelled against good and pious people to make them controversial in the society and to reduce peoples trust on them – to stop the good work from reaching its destination.

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