Our values express the commitment of Arrahman Arraheem in playing its role in the development of a balanced society and promoting peace and prosperity across the globe.

Peace, Love and Harmony

Why is there so much hatred when Islam means total submission to Allah and get peace.

  A true Muslim, can never be extremist or a fanatic.
We value and promote the true spirit of Islam, which is to create peace, love and harmony among nations by building bridges between communities and nations, through interfaith harmony and dialogues.

According to Ahadith our Last Prophet Muhammad (SAW) “ A Muslim is one from whose speech and hands others are safe”.

Universal Message

We firmly believe that all the Messengers starting from Prophet Adam (AS) to the last, Prophet Muhammad (SAW), brought the same message of Peace and Universal Brotherhood for all of mankind. Hence as creations of God Almighty we must all love, respect and forgive each other, no matter what color, caste, creed or religion we may belong to.

Highlighting Social Issues & Human Rights

We value cultivating the world to work for the welfare and benefit of humanity, highlighting social issues and their remedies, promoting tolerance, patience and striving to eliminate extremism, sectarianism, violence and poverty. Respecting for each other’s religion and focusing on human rights whether they be the rights of parents, women, spouses, children, relatives, colleagues or friends, in the light of the teachings of the Holy Qur’an and Ahadith; sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

Education & Character Building

Promoting rightful education and greater voice and expression.

We emphasize on receiving an education that is not limited to knowledge only but also builds character, moral values, piety, honesty, justice and equality, all vital factors that contribute towards the betterment of a society.  A balanced individual who is always in control of their emotions and intelligence and applies the philosophy of “live and let live” through his actions.

According to Ahadith of our Last Prophet Muhammad (SAW) “ By his good character a believer will attain the degree of one who prays during the night and fasts during the day”.

Love for our nation: Pakistan

Charity begins at home and we aim to educate all these values to people across the world in order to build a better tomorrow.

We emphasize patriotism and love for our nation, by promoting a positive image of Pakistan, with the hope of removing the misconceptions about Pakistan and Islam worldwide.